10. sep. 2009

The Swap!

I participate a swap in a norwegian dollhouse forum. The topic was “shabby chic”

This is what I made 


And this is what I got in return

 407Made by Anne Mari. She has a website for you to vistit. She is a very talented lady :)


 409And this beautiful flower is made by Siv. Unfortunately she has no blog. But she is a very talented lady as well.

Thank you Anne Mari and Siv!!!

Take care!!:)


6. sep. 2009

New Things

These are things I bought at the miniature-show


Handmade shelf and stool made by Kristìn Trampe from Iceland


These were handmade by Solveig Marie Guldbrandsen. Some off them are already in my quiltstore.



These I bought from Christel Jensen. I was lucky enough to buy her new cupcake CD and mold. Juhuuuu :)


And talk about beeing lucky, I also won the raffle…..three times. *shock* I never win,so this was an über schock for me *glad*

See U soon !!


3. sep. 2009

The Quilt-Store

411 My dream has always been to have my very own quilt-store. But since I started to work in a quiltstore about two years ago, I have put my dream aside. Becouse I couldn`t have ask for a better job than the one I have now. I am in fabric heaven. And my boss is the best. So why not make one in miniature instead. LOL!! And of course I had to put my name on it. :)

413It`s not finished yet, there are still a lot of things to do, but I had to finish the front so it could be a part of the exebition.


I am very pleased with it and the way it turned out.


The note on the door says “openinghours”

It`s importen that the customer knows theire visiting houres. LOL!!!:)

Have a nice day!!!!!

2. sep. 2009

More Pictures From the Mini-Show


I took a class with Solveig Marie Gulbrandsen, on how to make a corset. Solveig Marie is such a great teacher and she is full of ideas on how to do things.


And here it is, all finished up ( thanks heaven for tacy glue :)


Some pics of the other corset there were made.

The next class I went to was making sunflowers.


I just love those little weeds we put in there whith the sunflower. Just like home LOL!!

I also bought an extra kit, and made this one when I got back home.

St. Paulia


No weeds there :)

1. sep. 2009

Miniature Show

This weekend I have been to a miniature show in my hometown, Stavanger. It was great meeting new and old friends who shares the same passion for mini`s like I do. I also went to some classes, but first I will show you some great pictures from our dollhouse exhibition.


The Orchid made by Toril, Bryggen: Anette and the last one ,the quiltstore, is mine


In front I don`t know who made those, but they were part of a class this weekend


Roomboxes: Pubdoll205


The beautiful doll: Tove


These tiny, thiny dollhouses were made by Solveig Marie 202

And at last, two beautiful “candleboxes” made by Tove.216215  


I just love that Santa, he is so laid back isn`t he LOL!! 


The next few days I will show you some more pics from the show

See U Then!! :)