22. jun. 2010

Slow-motion-work in progress


I bought this little kit this winther and finally had time to put it toghether. The kit was bought at Mini-Kitz.

I tought I might make this little greenhouse in to garden shed.It`s a slow-motion-work in progress LOL!!


Have a nice day!!

Hug Rita

16. jun. 2010

I`ll give it a try……


A little while back I saw this tutorial on how to make a cheesecake at Christel`s blog. And since she make it look so easy, I had to try it :D


Well, here it is, little bit bumpy here and there. Lucky for me, those who lives in my dollhouse are not very picky LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!! :D

13. jun. 2010



My chair is finally done :D

DSCN2375   DSCN2376DSCN2377DSCN2370

8. jun. 2010

All about minis.....

It`s been a long time since I`ve done any minis , therefor I haven`t been bloging  for awhile. And also because I didn`t feel like bloging. I just felt I  needed a breake from it all.

But this weekend has been all about minis :D

I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to Janne`s cabin for a full mini-weekend. Josje came all the way from Netherlands to teach us how to make her version of Louis XV Fauteuil chair.

I had no idea how much work it was, and I am still not finnished with my chair. I have some trimming left. Therefor I will show U my chair another day :D
 Josje taking pictures of the chairs we made.
Nine ladies working hard for three days to finnish theire masterpiece.
 It was a lot of fun , lot of good food and a beautiful cabin.
Thank U, Janne for being such a great hostess
and Thank U Josie for being such a great teacher.