24. des. 2010

24. Desember

Today and the last day of the calender gift was from Mimmi. She had made me this cute little rocking horse and some flowers. And she put in some fabric as wel. And as a quilter I just love them :D
Tusen takk Anne Mari!
And since this is Christmas eve, I  want to wish  you all a blessed  and joyful Christmas. This evening my family and I are going to my parents house to celebrate christmas. With special christmas dinner and opening presents it`s gonna be a joy.
A huge Christmas hug from me to you!! Enjoy!!

23. des. 2010

22. og 23. Desember


Yesterdays gift was from Mimmi. She made me this stol and wooden box with bread. I even got some plates to go with it :D



And todays gift was from Siv. She made me this adorable knitted sailor set.

Siv23 (2)

My little tiny teddybear volunteer to be a model .the moment he saw the outfit. I don`t blame him LOL!!

Tusen takk Anne Mari og Siv!

hugs from Rita

21. des. 2010

21. Desember

Siv21 (2)
Todays gift is from Siv. She made me this beautiful blanket. It fits right into my bedroom.Now I have to make some pillows  that will go whith it :D
Tusen takk Siv!!
Hugs from Rita

20. des. 2010


Todays gift was from Mimmi. She made me this cute little miniature bedroom box. I love it!! 
She also made me this baby-dress and some silk ribbons.

Tusen takk Anne Mari!!
Hugs from Rita

19. des. 2010

19. Desember


Todays gift was from Siv. I just love the shawl and hat she made for me :D

Siv19 (2) 

Beautiful handmade silk ribbon roses.

Tusen takk, Siv!

Hugs from Rita

18. des. 2010

17. 0g 18. Desember


Yesterday I got this beautiful handembroidery pillow from Siv. Love it, the color she used, fits right in to my living room :D



And today I got some christmas decoration from Mimmi. Isn`t cute, and she even made me some chocolate candy. Yammi :D


Tusen takk til Siv og Anne Mari!!

Hugs from Rita

16. des. 2010

16. Desember



Today`s gift was from Mimmi.When  I open it I found this  hatbox whith a beautiful hat inside. And I do love the rose that came whith it :D

Tusen takk Anne Mari!

Hugs from Rita

15. des. 2010



Today I got two wonderful gifts. This one from Siv, all pink and beautiful :D

Tusen takk Siv!!

And my second gift and the best one of all. My little sister gave birth to a babygirl today. So I am a proud newborn auntie today Juhuu!! I am so looking forward to meet her. This is my sisters  third child.

 Gratulerer Line og Erling med en nydelig datter! :D

Hugs from Rita

14. des. 2010


AM14 (2) AM14

Todays gift from Mimmi was this good looking shelf and some chocolate candy and two beautiful paintings :D Love it!!

Tusen takk Anne Mari!

Hugs from Rita

13. des. 2010

11. 12. and 13. Desember


On the 11. of december I got the cutes thing from Siv in the calendergift. A beautiful blanket, a teddybear and the cutes little baby booties ever :D


On 12. of desember Mimmi made me this christmas storybook,a cheesecake and a tree. I don`t have a christmas tree in my dollhouse, so I`m thinking off decorate this one :D



And todays calendergift I got this cute little bucket with the hand knitted washcloth made by Siv.

Tusen takk til dere begge to, Siv og Anne Mari :D

I haven`t been able to blog latley because I` ve had the flu. Not to be recommended, it hits you really hard.Àfter five days I`m still not on top of the world, but at least the fever is gone. 

See U tomorrow!!

Hugs from Rita!!

10. des. 2010

10. Desember


Todays gifts was this kitchen set. A small cabinet to put on the wall and a wooden tray and some wooden tools.Love it!!

They`re all handmade by Mimmi :D

Tusen takk Anne Mari!!

Hugs from Rita

9. des. 2010

9. Desember


Todays gift is  from Siv. And she has made these beautiful tiny  tablecloth . I had to put a coin next to it so you can see how tiny they really are :D

Tusen takk Siv! :D

Hugs from Rita

8. des. 2010



Today I got apples and pie made of fimo. And look at that cute little broken egg. I love it :D This one is made by Mimmi.

Tusen takk Anne Mari!

Hugs from Rita

7. des. 2010



Siv7 (2)

Todays gift was from Siv. And this time she has knitted this beautiful outfit. Offcourse I right away had to find a suitable person to fit into it :D

Tusen takk, Siv! :D


Hugs from Rita

6. des. 2010



Todays gifts is from Mimmi , and I got these cute little boxes and soap. And even some towel as well.

Tusen takk, Anne Mari!

Hugs from Rita

5. des. 2010

5. Desember


Siv5Today I got this beautiful knitted blanket made by Siv. I love it!! I don`t knit myself so this was perfect :D

Siv5a She even chrochet around the sides.

Tusen takk, Siv!


Hugs from Rita

4. des. 2010


Our fourth day of the swap and I got these beautiful little things from Mimmi. A calenderbook, napkinholder and a basket :D
Tusen takk, Anne Mari!
Hugs from Rita

3. des. 2010

3. Desember

Look at those cute little potholders.
They will go right into my kitchen :D

Tusen takk,Siv!

Hugs from Rita!!

2. des. 2010


Second day of the calender swap and I got this beautiful desk from Mimmi. I`ve been  looking for one to by ,to put in my quiltstore, now I don`t have to :D
Tusen takk Anne Mari!

Hugs from Rita

1. des. 2010


A beautiful pillow made by Siv.
Love it :D
Tusen takk, Siv!!

30. nov. 2010

Calender Swap!


  I can hardly wait for tomorrow. 24 little gifts are just waiting  to be open.

A calender swap between  Mimmi and Siw(no blog) and myself. Thank you both for doing this whith me :D


I will try my best to blog every day, but I do have some problems connecting to the interenet, since we got this new wireless system in our home.

See U tomorrow ( I hope)

(se Siw, jeg blogger :D )


Hugs Rita

22. aug. 2010

A Visit To Miniseum



Once again I have spendt my summer vacation in Denmark. It`s allways good to be back “home” :D. I love spending my vacation in Denmark even if its just for one week. There is allways someting to do for the whole familiy.


And this year as well I had desided I wanted to visit Birthe at Miniseum. It`s always a joy to see all the fun and beautiful things to buy in her store.I had even prepared a list, to make sure  I didn`t forget anything.


I could have been there all day, but whith a husband waiting  in the car….well, I guess we`ve all been there LOL!!

Enjoy the pics.

 DSCN2525  DSCN2527  DSCN2529 DSCN2530 DSCN2531 DSCN2532

Bye for now!!

Hugs Rita

22. jul. 2010

The Bedroom

 DSCN2496   I have been doing some work in my mini- bedroom these last days. It `s been a mess for quit some time  and it was time to clean it up. I have put in  a new floor( didn`t like the old one)  and paintet  the furniture white.


The quilt is made by me, and the ottoman and hatbox is made by Janne.


The chair is made by me and the lamp and flower is made by Christel. And the knittet jacket is made by Solveig Marie(no blog)


The closet and corset is made by me.

There is still a lot more to be done, but I am pleased  the way it turned out be so far.


About a week ago I got mail  from Italy. My kids was very impressed that I got mail from Italy, seens we don`t know anyone from that area.


I have been so fortunate to adopt a teacozy  from  Rosanna,  La stanza di giuggiola. Isn`t it pretty.

Rosanna: I haven`t found a the right spot for it yet, but I will :D


This is the back  of the teacozy. Still pretty :D

Have a great summer !!

Hugs Rita

22. jun. 2010

Slow-motion-work in progress


I bought this little kit this winther and finally had time to put it toghether. The kit was bought at Mini-Kitz.

I tought I might make this little greenhouse in to garden shed.It`s a slow-motion-work in progress LOL!!


Have a nice day!!

Hug Rita