22. jul. 2010

The Bedroom

 DSCN2496   I have been doing some work in my mini- bedroom these last days. It `s been a mess for quit some time  and it was time to clean it up. I have put in  a new floor( didn`t like the old one)  and paintet  the furniture white.


The quilt is made by me, and the ottoman and hatbox is made by Janne.


The chair is made by me and the lamp and flower is made by Christel. And the knittet jacket is made by Solveig Marie(no blog)


The closet and corset is made by me.

There is still a lot more to be done, but I am pleased  the way it turned out be so far.


About a week ago I got mail  from Italy. My kids was very impressed that I got mail from Italy, seens we don`t know anyone from that area.


I have been so fortunate to adopt a teacozy  from  Rosanna,  La stanza di giuggiola. Isn`t it pretty.

Rosanna: I haven`t found a the right spot for it yet, but I will :D


This is the back  of the teacozy. Still pretty :D

Have a great summer !!

Hugs Rita

9 kommentarer:

PAKY sa...

Is so beautiful your bedroom, congratulations, I like it very much...greetings

Les Miniatures de Béatrice sa...

Nice colors and a lot of pretty things.
Mini hugs.

Sans! sa...

The tea cozy is really lovely. Not only because she is my friend :)So proud of her :). I didn't know she made 2 sides :):). Wonderful!


Your bedroom is so lovely,I love all the work you have done,miniregards.

Irene sa...

You've made a lovely job of the room - I think the chair is especially nice - well done with that.

Mimmi sa...

Soverommet ble skikkelig lekkert! Kjempeflotte møbler og detaljer! Og tea-cozy`en var bare nydelig, det var et bra impulskjøp ;-)

Reiko sa...

I like what you have done with the closet. Are the small boxes in it made out of paper? The corset is adorable. You have really turned this into a light, relaxing room just ready for a good nights sleep

Clara sa...

¡Precioso trabajo en la habitación! Todo, todo, todo me gusta.
Enhorabuena por tu regalo desde Italia.
Besos Clara

Ilonka sa...

Whow the bedroom is really stunning. Love the details so much.

Gr Ilonka