14. mar. 2008

Some picture to show you....

This is my miniature friend Anne Mari with her new Old Lady doll
she got from USA a little while back.

Isn`t this doll adorable. She is handmade by a talented lady from the USA.
Her name is Sherri and you can also see more of her impressive work at her web-site http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/558480201KuiRzZ


In my miniature-group there is a lot of talented ladies.
And Janne is one of them.
Here you can see her nice looking purses made of real leather
....and this adorable pink toddler dress whith embroidery on it.
Everything handmade by Janne.

Happy Easter to you all!!

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Biby sa...

Hello Rita!
My dresses are made by my mother!
Thank you for you visit.
I love your friend purses!
Kisses from Portugal