1. mai 2008

Once again we have had our monthley club meeting, and this time we were at Janne`s place.
It is always nice to see what they are making and this time there were some new Ladies there too. One of the ladies, Linda, showed us a beautiful bedlinnen that she made from scratch.

Janne, which unfortunately doesn`t have a blog, or else I would have put in a link right here. But she does have some very nice thing, and this is some of the pics I took that evening.

As you can see, Janne NoBlog has a very good taste in her choice of miniatures .LOL!!

2 kommentarer:

Anne Mari sa...

Hei, hei, er bare innom og kikker litt ;-) Du har så mange kjekke bilder på bloggen din! Håper du snart får tid til å jobbe med det nye huset, er spent på hvordan det blir :-)

Biby sa...

Hello Rita!
Lovely things!