12. jun. 2009


 051  Yesterday I had som Miniature-friends over for some workshop. Anne Mari,who has a great web-site. She has some beautiful dollhouses to show you.  And Janne, who just started her new blog.

So please take a few min. and pop over to the both of them and say hi.


We made some mini-can made of paper. We found the tutorial at Marlies blog.  And this is what we manage to make, between all the talking and browsing the nett for minis and just having a good time.

052These two are the one I manage to make. Now I have to find a spot for them in my dollhouse. That shouldn`t be a problem.

See U soon!!

Hugs Rita

7 kommentarer:

Lotte sa...

Those are beautiful! I would like to try to make a can too... perhaps some day ;)

Anne Mari sa...

I have made 4 more today... ;-)

Janne sa...

Knall kjekke å lage ,takk for at jeg fikk komme !
Klem Janne

Jemjoop sa...

Time flies with mini friends, sounds like a fun day.

Sans sa...

I am finally going to try and make some enamel ware soon I hope. I have loved this from the 1st day I saw them and you guys have done a great job! Thank you for following my blog, Rita. I will be back here as often !

marlies sa...

Beautiful your work, they are great! Sorry it took so long to come to see your cans.
* marlies

Maria sa...

Beautifull cans!