3. sep. 2009

The Quilt-Store

411 My dream has always been to have my very own quilt-store. But since I started to work in a quiltstore about two years ago, I have put my dream aside. Becouse I couldn`t have ask for a better job than the one I have now. I am in fabric heaven. And my boss is the best. So why not make one in miniature instead. LOL!! And of course I had to put my name on it. :)

413It`s not finished yet, there are still a lot of things to do, but I had to finish the front so it could be a part of the exebition.


I am very pleased with it and the way it turned out.


The note on the door says “openinghours”

It`s importen that the customer knows theire visiting houres. LOL!!!:)

Have a nice day!!!!!

9 kommentarer:

kathi sa...

How lovely this will be! Did you use a kit or design the box yourself? I want to make one for my son (a pharmacist to be)...
His will be "Timothy's Apothecary Shoppe." :)

Lappestua sa...

Kjempeflott butikk!

marlies sa...

WoW, beautiful little house you have for your quiltshop. I love what you did on the outside, love colors. Like to see what you did inside. So you love fabrics too, me too, nice job you have, see always the new fabrics first.
* marlies

Rita sa...

Thank you Kathi. I bought the dollhouse ready buildt at a dollhouse fair, I have only painted it.Looking forward to see "Timothy's Apothecary Shoppe.":))

Tusen takk Lappestua :)

Marlies, thank you so much. Yes I can proudley say that I am a "fabricholic" LOL!!!!

Janne sa...

Er skikkelig imponert ,bra jobba Rita !
Kommer for å sjekke vareutvalget,liker best fine tynne rosestoffer :):)

shannonc60 sa...

It's fantastic Rita! I really love your colour choice too, it looks very elegant.

Rita sa...

Takk Janne, du blir nok invitert til feståpningen, tenker jeg *flire*

Thank you, shannonc60 :)

Deni sa...

Oh what a charming shop!

Rietje sa...

Hei Rita,

Kjempebra butikken! gøy at vi har like hobbyen. Quiltbutikken min er del av magasinet jeg tilvirker.

Jeg har lært litt Norsk for mange år siden. Det er gøy å prøve det igjen.

Hilse fra Rietje (Rianne) fra Nederland