31. jan. 2011


DSCN2852 DSCN2853

Last Thursday  I made these two basket, together with some friends at the norwegian dollhouse forum.

Both baskets are made of paper.  Little bit fiddling at first, but once you got the hang of it, it was quite easy. I will make some more of these later on.Maybe try some difference color.

You can find the tutorial here at   1inch minis .




  Hugs from Rita

6 kommentarer:

Eva sa...

They look pretty!!!

Madeleine sa...

Vilka söta korgar, det måste jag prova på, tack för tipset/Madeleine, litendrom.blogspot.com

cockerina sa...

very good! I like the inclusion of different color. congratulations!
Thanks again to Kris for the tutorial!

Minnie Kitchen sa...

you did a wonderful job!! i tried once and gave up!!

Pat sa...

Your baskets are Awesome Rita.

Like the new forum button as well.'

Meli sa...

Lovely baskets Rita!!!