1. aug. 2011

Ron´s Miniature in Orlando

 It´s been two weeks now since I got
 back from our family vacation in Orlando,Florida.
We had a great time visiting Disney world and Universal Studio.
But what I was looking forward to was to visit Rons Miniature shop.

I also met with Janne who was 
visiting Orlando with her family as well.

7 kommentarer:

Caroline sa...

When we go to Orlando in December I'm going to make a point of visiting here. Thanks for sharing.

by Sonya sa...

My brother will be in Orlando in november!I'll send him to make shopping for me in this fabulous shop!

Kathi sa...

Ron is great! So happy you were able to visit his wonderful store. There is so much to see and so much to BUY! Did you purchase anything? Orlando is my hometown. I really miss it AND the beaches nearby. You DID go to the beach, didn't you??? :D

malu2 sa...

Que suerte!!!!Que fotos más bonitas.

Mona sa...

Dere må ha hatt en fantastisk tur. Skulle gjerne vært i den dukkehusbutikken, den ser diger ut, der må de ha "alt"?

Rita sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
Rita sa...

@Kathi. I did buy some items. There were so much to buy and so little time :D And we did go to cocoa beach on our last day in Orlando. Nice and cool breeze from the atlantic ocean :D Jepp, it was a bit to hot for me, but still I would love to come back one day.

@Mona. Butikken var ikke så veldig stor, men de hadde "alt" pluss litt til :D