28. sep. 2007

A club-meeting

We are seven women, that get together once a month for our dollhouse club-meeting. Taking turn at each others homes , this wednesday was my turn to be the hostess. We`re having so much fun. We try to make some things each time we meet and this time I was going to teach them an easy way to make a corset.

I think it went very well, don`t you?
These two are the one I made

Aren`t these fabrics pretty.
I bought them from a lokal quilt store Kaktus Quilts
These fabrics are perfect for my dollhouse,
because of the small prints.
The top fabric is the one I used for my black corset

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Biby sa...

Hello Rita!
This is not my house. Is the house of a friend of mine!

Your miniatures are lovelly!
Thaks for your visit