28. sep. 2007

A club-meeting

We are seven women, that get together once a month for our dollhouse club-meeting. Taking turn at each others homes , this wednesday was my turn to be the hostess. We`re having so much fun. We try to make some things each time we meet and this time I was going to teach them an easy way to make a corset.

I think it went very well, don`t you?
These two are the one I made

Aren`t these fabrics pretty.
I bought them from a lokal quilt store Kaktus Quilts
These fabrics are perfect for my dollhouse,
because of the small prints.
The top fabric is the one I used for my black corset

24. sep. 2007

A bed-quilt

A bed-quilt I made several years ago, just for the fun of it. LOL :D
- by a sewingmaskin

measurement: 12x15 cm

12. sep. 2007



I love getting package in my mail box, even if I`ve order it my self. LOL !! This is what I got today, from USA. I order it a couple a weeks ago, and now it`s here... *happy smile*


I just love the color and design.
It`s a kit. And it`s going to be a joy, just to put all the bits and pieces together.

5. sep. 2007


I have started to redecorate my house. When I first started to build my house, about 6 years ago,I had no plan what so ever, what I wanted to do with it. In the beginning it was the learning and failing method. And a total mix of every thing actually.
This time it will be more like the schabby chic style .

This is going to be the girls room. Now that the flooring is done, I will paint it white, just to get that schabby look

This little fellow is going to help me to redecorate my house. I made him years ago, even before my dollhouse. Isn`t he cute. I might have to find a name for him. Any suggestion??