19. des. 2007

Christmas Comments

I want to thank you all for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed your stay as much as I have in making this blog. I will take a blog vacation, and will be back in 2008. Hope to see you then.
Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your self on new years eve. I know I will!!! LOL!!!!

11. des. 2007

I`ve got mail!!

Some stuff I `ve ordered from USA.
The counter I `m going to paint, not sure which colour yet, but it is going to be in my Christmas house along with the tinbox (so cute) and the nativity set.

I love Reutters porcelain....and when I saw these, I knew I had to purchase it. And you can see why on the picure below LOL

I`ve got this beautiful cookie jar in RL, standing in my kitchen...and I had to have one for my dollhouse too....cute isn`t it??LOL!!!

4. des. 2007


A friend of mine from the miniature-club ,Anne-Mari and I decided we wanted to do a swap. We asked a few others that we knew from the internett, and we were so lucky to have Christel whith us.
This was my first time swap, and I had no idea what to make

But this is what I ended up making :D
An apron,potholders and books.
Some of my norwegian readers will probably recognize these books,
since they are very popular in the RL at the moment.
I have read them my self.
I have used my own books to minimize them

And this is what I got in return

from Anne-Mari, this lovely tray whith an silver cup and egg-sandwish and a shelf

from Christel, beautiful roses made of fimo

And everything is handmade by themeself. I am so impressed by theire work!!

Thank you so much. I hope we can do this once more?? :D :D