16. jun. 2008

I found some nice miniature in a local toy-store. And this is what I bought.
I just had to have this white and blue china

And some furniture. I only wanted the table, but it was a sofa set,
so I had to by the whole thing.
Looking at it now, it`s not too bad. I might put some new fabric on the sofa.

And this cute little guitar for the girls-teenager room.

12. jun. 2008

A few things....

There is this blog I visit almost every day. It`s called Casey`s minis . She blogs every day, and every day there is a new story( ..unlike me, sorry)
I also love her tutorials, and when I saw these cute little sandals, I knew I had to make some of my own.

They were fun to make...and I will make some more later on.


I`m also working on some embrodery. This is my first attempt on making a carpet. I`ve done pillows before, which is quick to do.
I just hope my eyes will be whith me all the time, because this is so tiny...LOL!!

I`ve also been doing some shopping from overseas. The dollar being so low at the moment, suits my wallet just fine, LOL!!!
I bought this tool , easy cutter ,at Miniatures.com. I `m putting a new wooden floor in my dollhouse, and using the easy cutter, made it much easier.

reutters toalett sett

I have also bought some new furniture to the bathroom. this is from reutters porselaine.