22. okt. 2008

More pics from the miniature show


Div. dukkehus fra utstillingen

Tone fra Bitteliten

Christel og hennes mann

En liten brøkdel av Christels miniatyrer

Linda Sømme sitt flotte furuskap

Mailiss søte små bamser i antikkhuset


20. okt. 2008

I have been to a miniture show this weekend. And I will show you some picture form there the next couple of days.
It`was actually a combination of embroderi, dollhouse and teddybear fair.
And the first one in Norway, so this was huge for us miniaturist here in Norway. And it was a succex. Everybody I have spooken to have had a great time.
On saturday I went to two difference classes.
One "how to make fimo-cakes" classes. And here you can see the result of it. Have that in mind, its my first attempt :)
It was a great class and I did learn a lot. Now I just have to keep on making fimo cakes so I wont`forget everything I`ve learned so far LOL!!

My next class was how to make purses.
Our teacher was a wonderful and talented lady named Cilla, from Sweden

Purses are fun to make, and I will try to make some on my own for sure :)