13. feb. 2009

OT: Norwegian Heirloom

This has nothing to do with miniature, but I wanted to show you what I`m busy doing these days. I`m making bunads for costumers.
I have two, which have to be finished by end of April for the young girls confirmation.It takes many houres to finish just one, and I have to be focused on making these,
so there is little time for minis.*sad*

But I have to admitt, I like making these dresses. I don`t do the embrodery, but I sew them together.I think they are beautiful and they tell us who we are. I`m also planning on making one in miniature............. one day:)

Each part of Norway has they very own bunad, that tells them where they come from.

Here you can learn more about Bunad .

This is my daughter in her very own bunad.
I made it last May of 2008, for her Confirmation Day.
Oh, and one other ting, I do have some mini-pics that I wanted to show you all, but......I can`t find the wire to my camera, which means that I can`t upload any pics from my camera to the computer.
Maybe it would be a good idea to clean up my mess in my sewingroom LOL!!!!
See U later!!

4 kommentarer:

marlies sa...

What a work, but it is verry beautifull!
* marlies

Lotte sa...

It´s beautiful! You must have done it so many hours :)

rosanna sa...

How nicw! it is right to preserve tradition. It is wonderfull to share with people from all over the world but we cannot forget who we are and where we came from. Rosanna

Jean Day sa...

What a lovely photo of your daughter in her outfit. Such beautiful embroidery. Jean