25. feb. 2009

Thank You :)

I got this award from Jean Day. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate this. *hug*
With this award I must list five addictions and pass it on to five great blogs.
So here I go....
1. My family, husband and our two children
2. Everything about miniatures..offcourse. :)
3. Quilting. I love to sew.
4. I`m a fabricholic and I`m proud of it. LOL! yes I do collect them.
5. I just have to have my daily cup of chocolatecoffe.....my moment of zen *smile*

And then I have to pass it on......oh this is hard, there so many blogs out there that I read and enjoy so much.But here I go......

1. Christel
2. Mita
3. Marlies
4. Loten

Have a nice day

5 kommentarer:

Lotte sa...

Hi Rita! Thanks a lot for this award! I´m very proud of it :D

marlies sa...

Congratiolations with your award!
And thank you for given me one!
* marlies

synnøve sa...

Hei Rita,

Ja jeg har lyst til å melde meg på begge kurs, men vi får se hva prisen er. Kanskje det bare blir kjolen!
Håper alt går bra med deg, jeg jobber alt for mye...men det er jo ikke noe nytt egentlig:-)

Klem fra Synnøve

Anonym sa...

There is another award That i have given to you over on my blog. Please come over to my "Miniatures" blog to pick it up.

Lena sa...

I just love Your miniatures!
I´ve got an award for you in my blog!