25. feb. 2009

Thank You :)

I got this award from Jean Day. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate this. *hug*
With this award I must list five addictions and pass it on to five great blogs.
So here I go....
1. My family, husband and our two children
2. Everything about miniatures..offcourse. :)
3. Quilting. I love to sew.
4. I`m a fabricholic and I`m proud of it. LOL! yes I do collect them.
5. I just have to have my daily cup of chocolatecoffe.....my moment of zen *smile*

And then I have to pass it on......oh this is hard, there so many blogs out there that I read and enjoy so much.But here I go......

1. Christel
2. Mita
3. Marlies
4. Loten

Have a nice day

23. feb. 2009

I`ve got snailmail :)


I love getting snailmail. It usually means I get something I ve been waiting for`.


I just love this little cactus. It`s so adorable :)
I`m making a quiltshop i miniature and I`m gonna put it in there.
And no, it has nothing to do with the fact, that I am actually working in a quiltshop in RL, named Kaktus Quilts *smile* :)


I ordered these things from Matlock Miniatures in England. I`m very pleased with the ordering, from this miniature shop, and I had it in my mailbox whitin one week.

20. feb. 2009


....so I`m hooked....LOL!!

Have a nice weekend!!

13. feb. 2009

OT: Norwegian Heirloom

This has nothing to do with miniature, but I wanted to show you what I`m busy doing these days. I`m making bunads for costumers.
I have two, which have to be finished by end of April for the young girls confirmation.It takes many houres to finish just one, and I have to be focused on making these,
so there is little time for minis.*sad*

But I have to admitt, I like making these dresses. I don`t do the embrodery, but I sew them together.I think they are beautiful and they tell us who we are. I`m also planning on making one in miniature............. one day:)

Each part of Norway has they very own bunad, that tells them where they come from.

Here you can learn more about Bunad .

This is my daughter in her very own bunad.
I made it last May of 2008, for her Confirmation Day.
Oh, and one other ting, I do have some mini-pics that I wanted to show you all, but......I can`t find the wire to my camera, which means that I can`t upload any pics from my camera to the computer.
Maybe it would be a good idea to clean up my mess in my sewingroom LOL!!!!
See U later!!